1inch connects to Klaytn, as Asia continues to climb the

1inch Network network integrated its aggregation protocols and limit orders into the developing blockchain mainet Klaytn.

The most popular in South Korea, the Klaytn meta -bell blockchain will receive higher liquidity and improved exchange of tokens thanks to a new partnership with decentralized financial (Defi) 1inch Network Protocol. Klaytn is successful in South Korea, since the country's active use of non -functional tokens (NFT) and GameFi continues in the country. Klaytn is a product of the KAKAO technological giant, which has a user base of about 52 million people using its flagship Kakaotalk and a set of software products. Klaytn uses patented blockchain technology based on the Ethereum virtual machine and ensures the operation of various Play-to-Earn and AAA games, NFT and Metavers trading platforms. Since the user base continues to grow, the platform strives to improve scalability, effectiveness and accessibility. Klaytn already unites more than 50 suppliers of decentralized financing services (Defi) of the corporate level and decentralized exchanges (DEXS), and the addition of 1inch opens another 257 liquidity sources. Klaytn's declares the ability to process 4,000 transactions per second and is in the process of introducing the mechanism of dynamic gas fees. This is a response to previous cases of using fixed low gas prices. The ongoing integration of second -level services chains is designed to improve the management of tokens and oralor services on the Metaverse blockchain. Klaytn reported $ 2.5 billion of the total cost, blocked on its protocol in March 2022, and the ongoing merger of various Defi platforms creates further compatibility between various protocols. Associated with this: the Defi market has a growth space in Korea: co -founder 1inch - KBW 2022 Klaytn 1inch integration provides both user bases access to 1inch Limit Order Protocol V2, Kokonutswap, Klayswap, Klap and Claimswap protocol. Klaytn connected to a wider NFT ecosystem through a partnership with the Opensea NFT market in June 2022, providing its users with access to the NFT set and digital collection items, minted on Ethereum, Polygon and SOLANA blockchains. The co -founder of 1inch Sergey Kuntz hinted to enter the Asian market during the Korean week of the blockchain 2022 in Seoul, calling the popularity of blockchain games a potential driver for taking Defi. The company's communications director Sergei Maslennikov supported these sentiments in correspondence with Cointelegraph, when on August 9, partnership was announced. "It is quite obvious that Korea’s share in this market is huge. That is why we conducted careful and long negotiations with Klaytn as with an indisputable leader in Korea, which ended with today's partnership." Maslennikov also emphasized that the interaction between blockchains was in the focus of the Defi aggregator, and adding a bridge to the Klaytn ecosystem adds another large blockchain platform to its network.