Acala Network will resume the work after combustion of 2.7 billion. In the stable coin AUSD ##, 2.97 billion AUSD was restored after the failure, which were erroneously minted.

after the failure, 2.97 billion AUSD was restored, which were mistakenly minted .

On Monday, after a malfunction of his stabelcoin, Acala Network announced the resumption of its activity after a referendum, allowing LP to remove liquidity from pools or remove LP tokens from the sale of LP tokens. The community referendum for the first stage of resumption of Acala operations was held and completed. LP who decided to remove LP tokens from trading or bring liquidity to Acala, now there is such an opportunity. - Acala (@acalanetwork) September 26, 2022 In August, as a result of improper configuration of the IBTC/AUSD liquidity pool, 3.022 billion AUSD was mistaken, which led to a decrease in their price to less than $ 0.01 from binding to the dollar. Acala is a decentralized financial platform built on the Polkadot (DOT) ecosystem. The addresses of the wallets that received the minted AUSD were identified by tracking the chain, which allowed to restore 2.97 billion erroneous AUSD from 16 addresses. The other thirty -five accounts were identified as those who received 12.38 million. Error minted AUSD. According to the incident report, 16 IBTC/AUSD LP investors received erroneous monetary signs, and some of them repeatedly added liquidity to the pool, requiring more erroneous AUSD mint signs, which led to erroneous coinage of even more AUSD. She noted: "Some of these users have repeatedly exchanged more erroneous AUSD coins as the imbalance of the bullets grew. Then they conveyed a significant amount of erroneous coins of the AUSD to other chains and CEX associated with XCM." The cause of the incident "was the vulnerability in the Code of the preservation of DEX, which is part of the stimulus palette," the company said that also announced the safety map to strengthen the Acala network. The report reveals the entire scale of the event. It was reported that a total of 3.022b Ausd Error was minted, 2.97 billion AUSD were found in addresses of 16 identified LP layers, and 12.38M AUSD Error Mints were found on the 35 best accounts that acquired a significant amount of AUSD Error Mints or were related With the accounts that purchased them. The remaining 52.068 million AUSD coins, replaced coin signs and addresses involved in the incident were identified.