Alchemy and Infura block access to Tornado Cash, since Vitalik Buterin takes part in the fobs

Physical and legal entities of the United States must observe the authorities of the treasury or encounter possible criminal consequences.

According to Twitter user @0xdev0, on Monday, the Web3 Alchemy and development platform blocked the remote calls (RPC) to the Tornado Cash cryptocurrency mixer, depriving users of access to the applications. The day before, the US Treasury included 44 addresses of smart contracts related to Tornado Cash in the list of specially designated citizens and blocked persons (SDN). According to sanctions, the US individuals and legal entities are prohibited from using blockchain or to carry out business interaction with Tornado Cash, while criminal liability may be provided for violations. This step was taken after the US Treasury said that individuals and groups used a confidentiality protocol for laundering cryptocurrencies worth more than $ 7 billion since 2019, including $ 455 million stolen with North Korea Lazarus Group. Almost immediately after the announcement, the issuer of stable Circle coins froze the USD Coin tools stored in Tornado Cash smart contracts. Meanwhile, the GitHub repository closed the main page of the project and blocked the access of developers. Vitalik Buterin, co -founder Ethereum, claimed that he used Tornado Cash for donations to Ukraine. According to Butaterin, the goal was to protect the financial confidentiality of the recipients so that their enemy, the Russian government, does not have complete information about the transaction. I will tell you about myself as a person who used TC for donations for these purposes. - Vitalik.eth (@vitalikbuterin) August 9, 2022 Others also note that the mixer can be used to protect confidentiality, for example, if a person receives a cryptocurrency salary and does not want the employer to see his financial data, or if he pays for the services in cryptocurrency and does not want the service provider to see past transactions from his wallet. On the other hand, this tool was partly a hot point that allows anonymous hackers to wash the stolen funds obtained as a result of the operation of protocols, in particular, intercourse bridges. Today, funds worth more than $ 2 billion have been stolen through such applications.