Avatar NFT on Reddit demonstrate volatile price tags

recently on Opensea for 6 ETH, the best collection item was sold.

According to the new analysis published by the Reddit U/Warfared user, the non -granular tokens Reddit Avatar, or NFT, in recent months have shown unstable price dynamics. During the analysis, NFT exchange on the popular trading platform was monitored. Among the most successful were the NFT Fishy Fouustling #1 and NFT Mio Armor #1, the price of the last sale of which was 6 and 5 broadcasts (ETH), respectively. These NFT were released for qualified users three months before, which had a large number of karma points on the same social platform. Together, the objects of two of the above -mentioned collections exceeded 100 ETH in the total volume of trading. However, not all individual collectible objects or collections demonstrate a similar level of price excitement. Four exhibits, Meme Team, Drip Squad, AWW Friends and The Singularity, currently have a minimum price less or equal to 0.01 ETH. Reddit avatars are created by independent artists and mined on the Polygon blockchain. Opensea supports cross-performance, which allows them to minute them on Ethereum, Klaytn and Solana. Users can purchase such collection items through a cryptocurrency wallet Reddit, Vault. It is interesting that some users report that Avatar NFT is much cheaper to purchase for fiat or ordinary cryptocurrencies than for XMOON, the native Sabreddite R/Cryptocurrency. For example, one of the users, u/arups, wrote: "If we want Moons to be used for purchases in applications, Reddit must make prices reflect the real market price, and not what they think they cost. It requires 500 Reddit coins. Buying for fiat costs only 2.49 euros. NFT worth 10.99 euros, it will probably cost 1000 XMOON ($ 110). " Users receive XMOON, gaining karma scores for creating content and upvotes. The maximum supply of tokens is 250 million, and they enter the repository monthly. When users spend their moon, they are completely displayed from circulation. At the time of publication, the price of token is $ 0.11 apiece.