Axie Infinity seeks to “double” his positions in the Korean market: KBW

Sky Mavis co -founder and growth leader Jeffrey Zirlin says that Axie Infinity wants to double in South Korea, which they consider as one of the most important gaming markets in the world. ## #Sky Mavis co -founder and height manager Jeffrey Zirlin says that Axie Infinity wants to double in South Korea, which they consider as one of the most important gaming markets in the world.

Sky Mavis, the company standing behind the Play-to-Earn (P2E) Axie Infinity, intends to “double forces” in South Korea and accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrencies, despite obstacles from regulatory organs. In an interview with Cointelegraph, the co -founder and head of the Sky Mavis development department Jeffrey Zirlin said that, despite the preserved internal ban on P2E games, “the Korean market is one of the most important gaming markets in the world, and we have tons players in South Korea. " Zirlin added that at present the company is looking for ways to adapt the Axie Infinity game for its cohort of Korean gamers: "I think you know, we want to double our efforts. We want to localize, for example, Koreans do not speak English very well, right? So there are actually many obstacles for the game to fall into the hands of Korean players." “But many of our best players in the leaders table are Koreans [...] Koreans are one of the best gamers in the world,” he added. The Committee for the rating and administration of South Korea games prohibits the release of the P2E-IGR internal blockchain as a result of a strict policy of the fight against gambling. In December, the government also decided to ban Google Play and Apple Store to post such games in Korea. "From the point of view of regulation, this is still quite early. It is similar to applications stores where, as you know, it will be the process of negotiations and training," Zirlin noted, adding that he hopes that the adoption of P2E will be sufficient to convince the government abandon your hawk regulation in the future: "This is really Uber as an approach, right? They just launched it, gave it into their hands as many people as possible, and as soon as they reached a critical mass, the regulators had to go for it." Similar: Vitalik Buterin offers stealth adires for anonymous ownership of NFT The Axie Infinity project is still in an early access stage and has not yet released the application in Google Play or Apple Store. According to Active Player, about 766,000 people entered the game last month, which is much less than 2.7 million registered in January of this year. Currently, Axie Infinity is striving to increase the number of users - in Korea and all over the world - by improving game experience and expanding its ecosystem due to new battles, such as Origin, in which more than 800,000 people are registered today: "Origin is our main focus at the moment. We want to develop this regime and make it more exciting, add vertical progression, for example, runes, amulets and upgrades of body parts that will act as stable absorptions [burning mechanisms] and make the game more exciting. " "Origin, which is very important, comes with three free starting aksia (NFT characters) so that people can fall in love with the game, [without making] any economic or financial decisions," he added.