Bear market? “Well, what,” says Harry Kasparov, the world chess champion

Cointelegraph talked with the chess grandmaster Harry Kasparov at the Consensus 2022 conference to find out his thoughts about the cryptocurrency market and the NFT.

Harry Kasparov, the Russian chess grandmaster and the chairman of the Human Rights Protection Fund, it seems, is not at all concerned about the current bearish market of cryptocurrencies. Kasparov, who is also a long -standing supporter of Bitcoin, said Cointelegraph during the Consensus 2022 conference "Well, what" in relation to his thoughts about the bear market. Kasparov added that he considers 99% of all coins “shit”, but expressed the opinion that both Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) are already integrated into traditional financial markets thanks to recent price fluctuations. He said:

"They will lose a little more, but they will acquire more, which shows that they are already integrated into the financial system. This is the whole history of the stock market. She is about how people earn a lot of money, and then lose a bunch of a bunch Money. But right now, without even realizing this, financial markets have already included bitcoin, broadcast and other currencies associated with them. ” The NFT market will recover Kasparov is also sure that the market of non -functional tokens, or NFT, will be restored as the world becomes more and more digital. Although the NFT market, of course, slowed down compared to the peak, the recent Daapradar industry report showed that the volume of NPT sales in May amounted to 3.7 billion dollars. Although, compared with April, the volumes decreased by 20%, Kasparov believes that the NFT market will recover, since the world continues to rely on digital transactions. Further, Kasparov shared his thoughts about why he launched the NFT collection in December last year with the 1kind NFT market. According to Kasparov, he wanted to understand how this process works, as well as get the opportunity to display his life in digital format. He said: "I think that the collection is quite unique. This is probably the first attempt to show my whole life, starting from early childhood to the transition from a professional chess player to a political activist and a human rights fighter." According to Kasparov, the party that he played and won with the Soviet chess crew Anatoly Karpov was sold for 51 ETH. "The main exhibit in my collection was my account. On November 9, 1985, I became the world chess champion."