Binance attracts the Tiktok Habi Lame star to stimulate the implementation of Web3 ## khaby Lame will use its branded content style to debunk myths surrounding the Web3.

Khaby Lame will use its branded contrasting to the debriefing of the WEB3. #Blockchain, Partnership, Adoption, Web3, NFT

The Binance cryptocurrency exchange has made a partnership with Habi Lame, the most popular author on Tiktok, to increase Web3 awareness. An influential person will act as a global ambassador of the brand brand, helping to debunk myths surrounding cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Lama became famous for Tiktok, gaining 142 million subscribers thanks to his videos in which he denounces the creators of the Content "Make yourself", which complicate everything. He offers comical life hacks, which greatly simplify life, while making his corporate movement when he raises both palms up. Binance told Cointelegraph that Lame with its proprietary style will create content that will dispel the delusions associated with Web3. According to James Rotwell, the head of Binance, Lama will ensure the availability of content as Web3 spreads. Routell explained: "Given that there are so many nuances around Web3 and misinformation in the world, Habi invitation to work was an ideal solution to help debunking some myths around this space." In his statement, Tiktoker said that he had long been interested in learning about Web3. According to Lama, partnership with Binance "perfectly combined" with what he usually does, namely: makes complex things easier and more fun. "I consider my subscribers to my family, and I am always looking for new tasks and interesting content to share with them," he said. In addition to creating the content of Web3 and dispersing myths about it, the Tiktok star will also create collections of non -granous tokens (NFT) on Binance in order to increase the involvement of its fans. Lama attachment to Binance follows the efforts of the company in cooperation with major celebrities. Last week, the exchange collaborated with football star Cristiano Ronaldo to introduce his fans with the Web3 space through NFT. Similar: KPMG enters the metavselnaya, investing $ 30 million in the training of employees of Web3 Meanwhile, SOLANA recently introduced the WEB3 mobile phone concept. The device will be released along with the mobile glass of the network for Web3 developers. The community reacted to the announcement in different ways: from supporting the release to raising problems on the SOLANA network.