ALL NEWS will introduce bitcoiners with decentralized finances: KBW 2022

Corbin Fraser, head of, said Cointelegraph that they also plan to release a prepaid debit card that will reward cryptocurrency users.

The crypto platform seeks to expand its ecosystem by introducing Bitcoin holders (BTC) to the world of decentralized finance (Defi) and introducing new services into its platform, such as decentralized exchange (DEX). In an interview with Andrew Fenton from Cointelegraph on Korea Blockchain Week (KBW) 2022, the head of the financial department of Corbin Fraser said that the company is moving only from Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to the transformation into the DEFI platform, which serves users of cryptocurrency users of several chain users . Fraser explained the following: "We have a lot of BTC users, and many of them want to do more with their cryptocurrency than just keep it. And they know that Defi has opportunities, but it is a little complicated, a little scary." In this regard, Fraser added that their team is focused on working on simplifying user experience and providing a more “friendly” cryptocurular. In addition to DEX, the leader also spoke about his plans to release a prepaid debit card and sell tokens. With the help of a debit card, the company plans to reward users replenishing the score for their use. Seeing what people spend their fiat money on, Fraser believes that they have the opportunity to create interesting campaigns in reward. He explained the following: "Suppose gasoline has risen in price, we could meet and say:" Well, every time you replenish your fuel tank with gasoline, we can add an additional 2% rollback in our poetic token. " Fraser said that this could be a way for their company to help users in solving their everyday problems. He said that this will be their way to say: "Sorry, inflation is full, but there are some cryptocurrencies." Similar: KBW 2022: Rights of digital property - the key to the prosperity of the Web3 economy - Yat Siu from Animoca When asked about the demographic characteristics of the members of the community, the leader noted that most users are BTC users who are looking for bitcoin and its wallets. But with the entry of their company to the Defi market, the company can introduce those who found Bitcoin, with various routes, such as stabilcoins, ether (ETH) and other capabilities in the ecosystem. At the same event, the Director General of the EVERYREALM Metavselnoye Everealm Dzhanin Yorio told the KBW audience that although the Ready Player One film shows a virtual reality, most developments in the virtual world are currently being created for desktop computers.