Bored monkeys, lunar birds will be depicted on MasterCard debit cards, made by NFT

custom cards will only be supported by NFT avatars from the selected collections of “blue chips”, subject to the design standards of the MasterCard and the owner checking process.

MasterCard launched custom debit cards with non -trial tokens (NFT), allowing some cards owners owning avatars from the chosen collections of NFT, add works of art to a payment card. Debit cards have become available thanks to the partnership of the European cryptocurrency exchange platform "HI", which allows its "golden" members to personalize their debit cards with the help of NFT, which they reliably own it. Gold membership on the platform can be obtained by betting at least 100,000 Hi Dollar's (Hi), the native token platform, which is about $ 4,600, according to Coingecko. NEWS! Today @hi_com_Official launches the world's first debit card with the NFT Customization function, allowing card holders to personalize the face of their card using NFT avatar. Read more here - MasterCard Europe (@mastercardeu) September 26, 2022 Cards allow you to make expenses in fiat money, stablecoins or any cryptocurrency that the user owns, and are accepted wherever there is Mastercard. Other functions, such as hotels accommodation loans, encouraging cash and discounts for Netflix and Spotify, are also declared as the advantages of certain levels of membership. Christian Rau, Vice President of Mastercard for Cryptocurrencies and Fintech, said that in connection with the growing interest of consumers in NFT and cryptocurrencies, the payment operator "seeks to make them an affordable payment choice for those communities that they want to use them." A limited number of NFT collections will be supported, including Cryptopunk, Moonbirds, Goblintown, Bored Ape and Azuki. The owners of these NFT should become gold members of HI and confirm their ownership of the NFT on the platform to get their user cards. In addition, cards are available only in 25 countries of the European Economic Zone (EEZ) and Great Britain. Similar materials: Innovations will contribute to the adoption of NFT, despite the presence in the mainstream: founder NFTGO Due to the general decline in cryptocurrency markets over the past few months, most of the NFT “blue chips” collections have fallen in price, but NFTGO data show that the productivity of the NFT blue chips is growing steadily from September 12, which may revive interest in the largest collections. MasterCard helped cryptocurrency payments to become massive due to its support for these assets, even providing MasterCard holders with the opportunity to buy NFT through a partnership with several NPT trading platforms in June.