Curve Finance eliminates the site’s vulnerability, directs users to the feedback of the latest contracts: Finance Redefined

Most Defi tokens in the TOP-100 were traded in green along with the rest of the CPI new data, and several tokens registered two-digit growth.

Welcome to Finance Redefined, your weekly dose of important ideas in the field of decentralized finance (Defi) is an information ballot created to introduce you to important events over the past week. Last week, the protocols of cross-bridges became the center of discussion of Defi, since the new report showed that Renbridge was used to launder $ 540 million in stolen funds. Curve Finance, on the other hand, eliminated the problem with the site and sent users to withdraw all recently concluded contracts. INTERLAY, the London blockchain Firma, launched an inter-foundation bridge based on Bitcoin (BTC) under the name InterbTC (IBTC) on Polkadot. Defi platform reported that the addresses that fell under sanctions will no longer be able to access the application. Most of the TOP-100 Defi tokens saw a new splash of bull impulse along with the rest of the market, while several tokens registered a two-digit increase on weekly schedules. Curve Finance eliminates the vulnerabilities of the site and asks users to withdraw all recently concluded contracts On August 9, the Curve Finance automatic Makeker Makeker turned to Twitter to warn users about exploit on their website. The team behind the protocol noted that the problem, which, apparently, was the attack of the attacker, affected the names' server and the front-end service. Curve said on Twitter that its exchange, which is a separate product, has not suffered from an attack, as it uses another domain name system (DNS).

intercourse bridge Renbridge washed $ 540 million hacker income: Elliptic This year, the inter -founding bridges have repeatedly become the object of hacker attacks, but the new data from the provider of the Elliptic blockchain analysts claim that one of them was used to launder more than half a billion dollars in illegally acquired cryptoactics. According to the new report, the Renbridge cryptomost contributed to the laundering of at least 540 million US dollars in the form of crimes from 2020 through a process known as Chain Happing - the transformation of one form of cryptocurrency to another and moving it through several blockchains.

Interlay launches homeless BTC bridge with stable coins on Polkadot Interlay, the London blockchain company, launched a BTC-based inter-foundation bridge on Polkadot. The named InterbTC (IBTC), the bridge allows the use of bitcoin on non -native blockchains for Defi, inter -cadial translations and non -granous tokens (NFTS), among other things. INTERBTC works as a stable token, secured by BTC and a decentralized network of excessive support network, which, according to Interlay, resembles the DAI (DAI) token company MakerDao, a stable token on the Ethereum blockchain.

Oasis Platform Oasis blocks the address of risky groops recognized as risky addresses recognized as risky According to the new message of the community in Discord dated August 11, the OASIS.App platform reports that the addresses that have fallen under sanctions will no longer be able to access the application. As a result of changing the conditions for the provision of services, wallets marked as in a high -risk zone, it is forbidden to use OASIS.App to manage positions or withdraw funds. Instead, such a category of users should interact directly with the corresponding basic protocol on which the funds are stored, or find another service.

Overview of the Defi

Analytical data show that over the past week the total cost of Defi has increased by $ 5 billion, compiling 68.94 billion dollars. The Cointelegraph Markets Pro and TradingView shows that the 100 best Defi tokens on market capitalization had a bull week, and several tokens recorded double -digit growth. Ankr (Ankr) has become the largest player in the top 100, registering 48 percent growth over the past week, followed by Avalanche (AVAX) with 20 percent growth. Oasis Network (Rose) increased in price by 18%, and Chainlink (Link) registered an increase of 16% on a weekly graphics. Thank you for reading our overview of the most significant events in the field of Defi this week. Join us next Friday to find out more stories, ideas and educational materials about this dynamically developing space.