Hackers in white hats returned tokens in the amount of $ 32.6 million to the Nomad

Funds from the inter -foundation bridge were withdrawn in less than three hours.

Just a few hours after last week, the Nomad token-bridge published the Ethereum wallet address to return the funds after hacking in the amount of $ 190 million, the White Hat hackers returned the funds worth about $ 32.6 million. The vast majority of funds consisted of USD Coin (USDC), Tether (USDT) and Frax, as well as altcoins. According to a study published by the Hoffman from Bestbrokers, the vulnerability of the NOMAD protocol was noted during the recent Nomad audit company QuantStAMP on June 6 and was evaluated as “low risk”. As soon as the exploit was discovered, representatives of the public joined the attack, copying the initial hacking transaction, which was akin to "decentralized robbery." In less than three hours, cryptocurrencies worth more than 190 million dollars were withdrawn from NOMAD. The attack occurred only four months after the project attracted $ 22.4 million in the sowing round in April. According to Hoffman, the attack took advantage of the incorrectly initialized root of Merkle, which is used in cryptocurrencies to ensure the integrity and invariability of data blocks transmitted through a single -ranking network. The error in programming actually automatically confirmed that any message about the transaction is valid. A related to this: Nomad reportedly ignored the vulnerability of security, which led to an exploit of $ 190 million. However, not all participants in the robbery took advantage of this opportunity. Almost immediately after the start of hacking, the white-based hackers copied the same hash of transactions as the initial hacker in order to withdraw funds for their safe return. Conversely, one of the hackers allegedly used its domain name Ethereum to launder stolen means, which led to the possibility of crossing with Know-Yur-Customer information, which also uses the domain. Nomad Bridge recovery process Dear hackers, whitewash and ethical friends-researchers who protected the ETH/ERC-20 tokens, Please send funds to the next wallet address in Ethereum: 0x94a84433101ADA762968F699574D1BF154 - nomad (⤭⛓) (@nomadxyz_) August 3, 2022