How does cryptocurrency play a role in increasing the duration of a healthy human life

How to add years to life, and life by years? The science of longevity can help in this - and this concept is of particular interest to cryptocurrency pioneers.

Conference of investors in longevity A question that has been worried about scientists for several decades: how can one increase life expectancy is to give people more good health? This area is known as the science of longevity, and within the framework of this industry, experts argue that treatment methods that consider aging as a normal but cured disease are rare, and from existing approaches they are available only to highly educated and privileged people. Here are just some of the key postulates that determine this approach to medicine: therapy, personalized medicine, predictive diagnosis and artificial intelligence. The goal is to eliminate the attitude to treatment on the principle of "one size is suitable for everyone" and ensure the adaptation of therapy to a unique human medical profile. This can matter in a variety of aspects - from the optimal method of combating cancer to food that we eat and the risk of heart disease. And although predictive diagnostics offers an existing way to achieve the best results for patients, this often depends on the use of a large number of anonymous data to determine what happened in the past and how to achieve greater success in the future. Oddly enough, there are parallels between cryptocurrencies and the science of longevity. It can be argued that this approach to medicine is now where the digital assets were in 2013 - at a time when the discussion of cryptocurrencies was limited to online ads, niche group chats and confusing technical articles. Researchers of longevity with enthusiasm share their results with each other - and cooperation occurs between sectors. Experts strive to ensure that everyone who is interested in this nascent area can take part in it and make their contribution. ## Enlightenment of mass

as in the crypto industry, a big problem that is faced with the science of longevity is education - is the formation A simple explanation of this concept of the public. This is a path that requires time, effort, money and patience. In this regard, a special event was organized to discuss this advanced concept on the open forum. The conference of investors in longevity will be held in Switzerland from September 28 to 30. Its sponsor is Credit Suisse, and tickets can be paid with cryptocurrency. The organizer of the conference is Mark P. Bernegger. He is a founding partner Maximon - a Swiss company that is engaged in investing and building companies focused on longevity. Bernegger studied Bitcoin in 2012 and said to Cointelegraph: "There is a place for everyone here. We can all go the same way, but use different approaches. This is the same story." Among the points of the agenda is the study of the scientific significance of longevity and how it affects people around the world in the long run. The methods of attracting investments in this nascent space will also be discussed, and, according to Bernogger, this area is of great interest to cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The purpose of the conference is to bring bridges and show that scientists play a vital role in ensuring that we can all take advantage of a longer life and a healthy retirement. Although business opportunities exist, investors are faced with difficulties, since they do not have a scientific education. Similarly, bright minds often need an entrepreneurial perspective to bring their ingenious concepts to the market. Bernegger added: "There are several different points of view - entrepreneurs, scientists, investors who bring money. They need a combination of everything. This sector appreciates new players. The more money, the more smart and serious people, the better." The industry is still finding itself. Now it is available, and people are happy to help. " Why cryptocurrencies are well suited It is the scientific element that attracts the early followers of cryptocurrencies in this area. The reason is simple: many of these enthusiasts look ahead, think openly and focus on technology. Describing the first days of cryptocurrencies, Bernegger explained: "They were all for the technology. It was not just speculation. They saw the potential of a one -ranking solution, and now they see potential for aging." Indeed, blockchain technology also has a potential for improving the desire for longevity. Decentralized autonomous organizations (TAO) have already been created, which finance research to support and commercialize therapeutic drugs. This approach also guarantees that donors can vote for the future direction of research projects.

, despite the fact that the bear market threw a long shadow to the cryptocurrency sector, many representatives of this industry are in the Buidl phase. They use this opportunity for innovation, growing new products and developing trends that will become the driving force of the next bullly. The science of longevity can becomeOne of them - and, according to Bernegger, pioneers know that close attention to health is much more important than the cost of any token. We already know that the speed of aging to a certain extent can be controlled by genetic paths and biochemical processes. But in the coming decades, it is necessary to answer many questions and combine points in an effort to improve the quality of our life and provide access to it to everyone. According to the participants of the Longevity Investors Conference conference, the number of participants will be strictly limited by 100 selected delegates who can use the opinions of more than 30 outstanding speakers. This is a great opportunity to find out the industry from the inside and outside, as well as establish significant contacts with the best people in this area. The conference will be held in the GSTAAD, one of the most exclusive Swiss mountain resorts, in a “one -of -a -kind environment” in a luxurious five -star hotel, and world -class speakers will arrive for participation and presentation. These include members of the Visonary Council of the Science Fund of Longevity. This non -profit organization recently entered into partnership with The Giving Block, which allowed us to connect to the vital stream of cryptophylantropia. If you want to know how to add years to your life, and life to your years, this conference can become the most important of all that you have ever visited.