How to start a cryptocurrency career?

Guide for beginners for 2022 The beginning of the cryptocurrency career at first may seem difficult, but everything becomes easier when a person clearly defines his path.

The cryptocurrency industry is perhaps one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Due to its decentralized financial system (Defi) and blockchain technology, cryptocurrency has become an attractive career way for those who are interested in technologies and finances. As expected from any fast -growing sector, growth also led to a corresponding increase in demand for talented people to create this space. According to the Koreanaitimes, from September 2020 to July 2021, the number of jobs in the field of cryptocurrencies and blockchain increased by 118%. Even in the conditions of a decline in the market, when some companies suspended a job or reduced the staff, others are actively looking and recruiting employees. In the cryptocurrency industry there are a lot of career growth options. So if you just want to become the creator of the Content of Cryptocurrencies, a trading analyst or even a blockchain engineer, you got to the address. 5 steps to start a cryptocurrency career Cryptocurrency career cannot begin from scratch. If you are looking for work in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, you need to get acquainted with this space and take the necessary steps to prepare for the search and make sure that your resume is distinguished. 1. Get to know cryptocurrencies Having familiarized himself with various digital currencies that exist in this new area, a person seeking a cryptocarier has already prepared for the upcoming journey. Among the most popular cryptocurrencies are bitcoin (BTC), ether (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC) and Tether (USDT). And if you want to work professionally with them, you should know something about their structure and how they appeared. 2. Learn about cryptography Cryptography refers to the methods of transmitting information using codes. This is the same basis on which cryptocurrency was founded. The essence of cryptography is that when some of the information is encoded in any way, only the side for which this information was originally intended can read and process it. That is why cryptocurrencies use cryptography to ensure their greater safety. Therefore, before plunging into the world of cryptocurrencies, you should take a course of learning cryptography. 3. Honestly evaluate your skills This is a very important step that helps to decide in which area of ​​the crypto industry you could work. It is important to note that many cryptocurrency vacancies are STEM vacancies, that is, vacancies related to science, technology, engineering and mathematics. This includes professions in the field of programming, software development, computer technology and electrical engineering. Latest news: Bitcoin payments have a great meaning for SMEs, but the risks are still left However, this does not mean that for those who do not have skills in STEM, there are no career opportunities. While those who already have experience in writing texts can apply for the role of cryptocontent writer, others can study vacancies in the field of marketing, business management and communications. Andrew Vranius, Vice President of Sales and General Manager of the Asia-Pacific region of the Blockdaemon company, said Cointelegraph: "When I am hiring, I do not get hung up at the formation of candidates, but look more at the practical and transmitted skills that they acquired over the years of work, and whether they are suitable for culture for us." "The foundations and people with functional skills become more and more important - we are always looking for people who are passionate and want to grow together with blockchain space," he added. 4. Networking Do not underestimate the non -playing. Network interaction and contacts with industry experts can play an important role in promoting in the industry. You want to see and know the professionals who have gone the way you are going to go. You also want to study with the best professionals in your chosen role. Therefore, if you are seriously reacting to the creation of networks, this will help your career develop. There are some professional network sites such as LinkedIn and other forums, but there is also a traditional method - to meet people at conferences and establish professional relations with them. 5. Update your resume The last step in this list is a deeper study of your resume and making the necessary changes (additions or subtraction). After that, you can start searching for work in cryptocurrency. Vacancies in the field of cryptocurrencies Now that you are ready to accept the call of the cryptocurrency industry, below is a list of types of work in this industry in which you can build your career. They are divided into two groups: technical and non -lactic cryptocurrency vacancies.

Technical cryptocurrency jobs Technical cryptocurrency jobs are those that usually require a higher level of knowledge. To get a job in this category, you must undergo training in the field of coding, programming, machine learning, artificial intelligence andWhether blockchain technology as a whole. Some of the vacancies in the technical category include the developer of the blockchain, the blockchain engineer, the Solidity developer, the UI/UX designer, the data analytics, the security architect, the blockchain consultant, the quality engineer, the engineer-programmist and many others. Nice cryptocurrency vacancies There are also cryptocurrency vacancies that do not require a high level of knowledge or technological know-how. People with marketing, entrepreneurship, communication, creativity and solving problems can apply for these positions. When asked about whether a person who does not have cryptocurrency preparation can apply for work in this area, Melissa Kuinn, the main operating director of Risk Labs, said Cointelegraph: "Feel free to submit applications for non -lactic positions, such as the communications department, design or content of content. Although the availability of experience or experience in the industry is useful, this is not necessary. The skills can be transmitted, and you can learn to learn the cryptocurrency side of the business." Cuinn believes that without the availability of professional experience in this area, your actions can say a lot about your skills, the ability to learn, adapt and independently start. Projects, writing articles, contribution to decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO) and participation in hackathons - all this demonstrates your skills in a significant form. Some vacancies in this category include the position of content writer, marketing manager, accountant, manager for organizing events, financial analyst, project manager and many others. There are still not enough staff in cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency does not stand still, and since it is predicted that in the period until 2028, the cryptocurrency market will grow by more than 100%, the demand for workplaces associated with cryptocurrencies will always remain high. Latest news: Opening gold in Uganda: what can this mean for cryptocurrencies However, the number of specialists in this area is still very small, given the scale of the industry. If you are passionate about this area or only recently became interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, you are one step closer to finding a job and starting your career. However, the type of work that you receive will largely depend on your qualifications and skills that you possess. "Be sincere and do not imitate what, in your opinion, wants to hear a hired team, because in the long run, coordination is profitable for you and companies. Be ready to tell you about how you plan to succeed in a remote, international situation. Which You used strategies and skills in the past to help in work in different time zones? After you go through the initial interview, you should not ask about the project. Instead, demonstrate your knowledge about the project, asking smart questions. Tell us about how you You can benefit. This applies not only to what is written in the announcement of the vacancy, but also to other public materials, ”Kuinn added.