Is POS after the merger of Ethereum, the threat of Bitcoin’s dominance?

Corey Clippustrin, general director of Swan Bitcoin, shares his opinion on how the “competition for liquidity” will develop between Bitcoin and Ethereum after the transition of the latter to the system evidence.

While Ethereum fans (ETH) enthusiastically perceived successful merger, the general director of Swan Bitcoin Kory Kori Klippostr believes that the update will lead Ethereum to "slowly sliding to irrelevant and final death."

according to Clippsteen, the Ethereum community has chosen the wrong time to disconnect the protocol on dependence on energy. Since many regions of the world experience an acute lack of energy, he believes that the ecological component fades into the background. In an exclusive interview with Cointelegraph, Clipptens said: "I think that the world just wakes up to reality, and Ethereum just went to the country of fantasies at the most inopportune moment." "This is just a very unsuccessful time for such a narrative. It looks just stupid." According to some forecasts, the institutional capital will more and more turn away from Bitcoin (BTC) and flow into Ethereum if Bitcoin does not abandon the Proof-OF-depend energy-consuming system. Clipptens rejects this opinion as false, referring to the fact that ultimately all valuable technologies should rely on the energy of the real world in order to function correctly. "If you do not have a binding to the real world using the laws of physics, you, in fact, create something like a fantastic country of a meta-saucer."