Stratis (Strax) grew by 200%+ after the announcement of the Sky Dream Mall meta -followed and a stable

price Strax price was broken out of the general bearings of the descending trend, rising 200% after the company's team made plans to create a stable currency in British pounds and New Methods.

Bear markets can be incredibly harsh for projects that have little accepted or do not have the applicable use scenario, but projects that devote themselves to construction, regardless of the mood of the market, usually succeed in the next market cycle. One of the projects that has grown significantly, despite the descending trend on the market, is Stratis (Strax), a blockchain development platform designed to help corporate enterprises create their own blockchain in a simplified manner. Cointelegraph Markets Pro and TradingView data show that after reaching a minimum of $ 0.365 June 15, the price of Strax increased by 220% and reached a daily maximum of $ 1.20 29 on June on the backdrop of a sharp increase in trading volume in 24 hours.

Propaganda in Uganda The third factor contributing to the increase in the price of Strax is the continuing development of the blockchain innovative center in Uganda, the purpose of which is to increase the level of knowledge and awareness of the blockchain. The project began after Stratis has concluded a long -term partnership with the King OiO Foundation, the current monarch of the kingdom of Tooro in Uganda. The foundation for the innovative center of the Stratis blockchain in Uganda was laid as part of the global expansion of Stratis. #Blockchain #dotnet #stratis $ Strax - Stratisplatform (@stratisplatform) May 24, 2022 The construction of the center began on May 24, and the last update of the project was published on June 27, showing that the foundation for the center is close to completion.