The collapse of the British pound and its impact on cryptocurrency: see the "Report of the

market in the episode of The Market Report this week Cointelegraph experts discuss the fall of the British pound and its influence on the cryptocurrency market.

This week in The Market Report show, Cointelegraph Experts discuss why the British pound is at a record low and how this can affect the cryptocurrency market. To begin with, we will analyze the latest news in the markets this week: Bitcoin gains 5% and returns $ 20K for himself, waiting for the first "green" September since 2016 During the classic lateral trade, the price of bitcoin (BTC) strives up, but fears are preserved regarding what will happen next. The Cointelegraph Markets Pro and TradingView followed BTC/USD, which added more than 7% after the closure of September 26. Local maximums of $ 20,344 appeared on Bitstamp before the couple began to consolidate about $ 20,200. Can bitcoin reach green monthly closure, and can the bulls will defeat the Septembear? Did it come to shine bitcoin? The British pound fell to a historical minimum in relation to the dollar On September 26, the British pound sterling reached a record low level in relation to the US dollar after a decline in taxes and a further increase in debt to contain the consequences of a possible economic recession. But can the British pound weak become a positive factor for bitcoin? Can the population switch to cryptocurrencies when it understands that savings and investments of people are depreciated more aggressively? Charles Hoskinson and Ethereum developer enter a verbal war after Vasil update Charles Hoskinson, founder of Cardano and co-founder of Ethereum, entered a verbal war with Ethereum developers about the implementation of Proof-Of-Stake consensus through Ethereum Merge. Hoskinson is known for his sharp statements addressed to his former project, and bad blood between the two communities is not something new. However, since both blockchain systems experience key updates in their networks, a recent exchange of views between the two sides emphasizes the gap between the blockchain communities. This is followed by the heading "Fast Tips for Cryptocurrencies", the purpose of which is to give beginners in the crypto industry quick and simple tips that will help them extract maximum benefits. Tip of this week: choosing a long -term coin. Then the market expert Marseille Pechman carefully studies the markets of bitcoin and ether (ETH). Are the current market conditions bull or bear? What are the prospects for the next few months? The Pechman is here to make out all this. Experts will also consider some market news to introduce you to the course of recent events regarding two leading cryptocurrencies. Finally, we received information from Cointelegraph Markets Pro, platforms for crypto traders who want to be one step in front of the market. Our analysts use Cointelegraph Markets Pro to determine two altcoin that stood out this week: XRP and Digg. Do you have a question about a coin or a topic that is not lit here? Don't worry. Join the chat on YouTube and write your questions there. A person with the most interesting comment or a question will receive a monthly subscription on Markets Pro worth $ 100. Every Tuesday at 12:00 ET (16:00 UTC), the “Market Report” is released live, so be sure to go to the Cointelegraph on YouTube and click the “Like” and “Subscribe” to find out about all our future videos and updates.