The former head of BitMex finds himself guilty of violating the law on banking secret

Gregory Dwyer was the last of the leadership of the exchange, who pleaded guilty.

Another top manager joined three co-founders of the Bitmex cryptocurrency exchange, who pleaded guilty to the US District Court for the Southern District of New York. The lawsuit under the heading "USA against Heis and others." It has been going on for two years, the Bitmex management has been charged with violation of the US law on banking secrets. According to Wall Street Journal, on Monday, Gregory Dwire, the former head of the Bitmex business development department, pleaded guilt in violating the law on banking secret. As part of the transaction on admission of guilt, Dwire will pay a fine of $ 150,000. Manhattan prosecutor Damian Williams commented on this event: "Today's guilt suggests that employees with the powers of the Cryptocurrency Exchange Management, no less than the founders of such exchanges, cannot consciously ignore their obligations under the law on banking secrets." All the founders that Williams mentioned have already pleaded guilty earlier. Former General Director Arthur Hayes and one of the co -founders, Ben Delu, pleaded guilty on February 24, 2022, and the third co -founder, Samuel Reed, pleaded guilty two weeks later. Heis was sentenced to two years conditionally, the case received 30 months conditionally, and Reda threatens up to five years in prison. Reid single -handedly agreed to pay a fine of $ 10 million; Heis and business will be paid the same amount together. The accusations against the trio of the co -founders of Bitmex and Dwyer were put forward in 2020. The prosecutors accused the exchange, registered in the Seychelles, of false care from the American market, since she did not try to prevent American users from registering. In addition, BitMex was charged with the fact that she worked as a platform for laundering money, without the necessary protocols to combat money laundering (Aml) and “Know your client” (KYC).