The further path of the former Ethereum miners remains unclear

it seems that some GPU owners resorted to the sale of power to non -critical projects after the merger of Ethereum.

Almost two weeks have passed after the historical transition of Ethereum with Proof-OF-Work (Pow) on Proof-OF-Stake (POS), and some former Ethereum miners (ETH) are still not clear to them how to move on. After the merger, many went to the cryptocurrency Twitter to discuss what, in their opinion, will happen to former Ethereum miners. On the Day of Mergers, the Hashoveride Twitter user wrote: GPU #mining is dead less than 24 hours after #fusion. Here are the three largest chains #gpu and current daily profitability with 3090 GPU and 6 US ¢/Kwh#etc -7 ¢#xmr -37 ¢#rvn 2 ¢ The only coins showing profit do not have market capitalization or liquidity. Profit is not real #btc - Hashoveride (₿en gagnon) (@hashoveride) September 15, 2022 Bakamoridesu’s user suggested in his tweet that the former ETH miners would simply go to the next profitable coin, adding: "As a miner RVN, I doubt that it will be half after the reduction." Former miners will switch to any more profitable coin. As a miner RVN, I doubt that after a halving it will be beneficial. - front -lineer horde ❤️ (@bakamoridesu) January 11, 2022 Cointelegraph contacted several former Ethereum miners to find out their further plans. However, in the general opinion, many of them have not yet decided on their further actions. Former miner Christian Ander shared with Cointelegraph: "Honestly, I myself do not know yet. Sale of GPU power to other services with intensive calculations is far from as profitable as it was with ETH." “I myself spend research, and my partners are considering options,” added Ander, noting: “GPU owners conduct research and sell capacities to non -critical projects. And when energy prices are very high, they turn off and sell excess energy to the network.” Ander said that at present he is not mining any cryptocurrencies and simply evaluates the market. Another former Ethereum miner, Kevin Agirre, shared with Cointelegraph, which he sold his equipment to his partner, who now uses it to extract other coins, noting: "I have some regrets about my outcome with my mining machine, but in the end she supported me and my family during the pandemic."