The new technical documentation COSMOS will reproduce the atom token and clarifies the

News concept a couple of weeks after the Delphi Labs research company announced that it was going to transfer the focus of its research and development to the cosmos ecosystem. ## NUSHIED AND THE SURPOSE As the research company Delphi Labs announced that it is going to transfer the focus of its research and development to the ecosystem Cosmos.

The Cosmos blockchain network, focused on operational compatibility, issued a new technical documentation, which offers the updated Cosmos Hub, aimed at strengthening operating compatibility and safety, as well as key changes in Cosmos (ATOM) token. The new COSMOS technical documentation was released on Monday at the Cosmoverse conference in Medelin, Colombia. The modernization described in the document is still technically in the status of "proposal", but it is expected that the changes will be made to the chain on October 3. Cosmos is an ecosystem of blockchain, designed for scaling and interaction with each other. Cosmos Hub was the first blockchain created on the basis of Cosmos, which initially served as an intermediary between other interconnected blockchains. ATOM is used for transactions within the Cosmos ecosystem, which can also be used to control and for staining purposes. According to the proposed changes, Cosmos will become a more compatible, decentralized and safe ecosystem. One of the changes is the renaming of Cosmos Hub into "Interchain", which will allow other Cosmos blockchains to borrow the Hub validators to ensure the safety of their network instead of looking for your own. Billy Rennekamp, ​​the head of the Cosmos Hub product, added that the value proposal of the transition to Interchain Security will also make the Cosmos network "legally and reliably decentralized." According to the technical document, Interchain Security will also allow Cosmos Hub to "place a new category of applications with additional functionality", saying: "Interchain Security gives consumer chains a faster, simple and cheap way to the market [and] the development platform provided by Interchain Security allows [...] to use the important infrastructure of the hub to create commercial applications." The document also proposes an ATOM emission model in order to achieve the best balance between the growth of the ecosystem and the introduction of inter -foundation "while maintaining safety provided by the initial regime", the document says. The new monetary policy will consist of two stages: "transitional" and "stable state". At the transitional stage, 10,000,000 atom will be released in the first month, and then their number will decrease with a decreasing speed until a stable state occurs after 36 months. Cosmos co -founder Ethan Bakman said that the new model of tokens will allow other Cosmos blockchains to become more interconnected with Cosmos Hub and Atom. A related to this: most of the cryptocurrency market falls, but the price of Cosmos (atom) is growing - why? The technical document also sets out a plan to further increase the cost of the Atom token by inclusion of lever liquid stakeing in it. This will allow ATOM to unlock atom as easily as they unlocked them, which will soon be provided with the "liquid stake" module "Cosmos. "User experience and increasing capital efficiency, offered by liquid stayking, are so significant" which required "complete economic integration" into the new Cosmos ecosystem oriented on the Internet, the technical document says. Internser interns on the new 27-page document Cosmos TL; Dr - Safe economic scaling ⛓ - $ atom as a reserve currency - New Economic Engine It is definitely worth reading! (1/2) - (Delphi, Internet) (@delphiintern) September 26, 2022 The release of the "White Book" took place a few weeks after the research and investment company Delphi Labs announced the transfer of its research efforts to the cosmos ecosystem. The research firm called the network speed, the liquidity of the chain, sufficient decentralization and inter -foundation compatibility with key factors that have influenced its decision to direct efforts according to R&D to assist the further growth of Cosmos.