The NFT ecosystem is trying to return against the background of bear moods in the

confirmation of the ascending trend is an increase in the number of NFT holders by 32.24% over the past three months, as evidenced by NFTGO data.

Over the past two years, non -granular tokens (NFT) have given the cryptoekosystem the push necessary to attract the attention of the mainstream - thanks to the participation of famous artists and celebrities. However, despite the huge losses incurred by NFT investors after the ongoing 10-month bear market, in the last two weeks the ecosystem has demonstrated stable signs of return. According to NFTGO, since September 12, the indicators of the collections of blue NFT's blue chips demonstrate steady growth, returning to the mark of 10,000 broadcasts (ETH), which was lost in mid -August 2022.

indicators of the collections of blue chips NFT. Source: NFTGO On September 20, the market capitalization, which is calculated on the basis of the NFT exchange and trading price, increased by almost 16.5% and amounted to about 11.25 million ETH.

market capitalization of NFT collections. Source: NFTGO In response to a breakthrough of market capitalization through an mark of 11 million ETH for the first time in three months, the number of NFT holders increased by 32.24% over the same period of time, as shown above. Ethereum Name Service (ENS) currently provides the largest volume of 9.25%, it is followed by popular NFT collections, such as the Bored Ape Yacht Club and OtherDeed.