The position of Dave Portnoy in Safemoon fell by 94%, he claims that the project filed a ## founder Barstool Sports to him panicky in 2020 and has since showed a fleeting interest in digital assets. ## Founder Barstool Sports panic He sold bitcoin in 2020 and has since showed a fleeting interest in digital assets.

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The founder of Barstool Sports, Dave Portnoy watched his investment in Safemoon (Safemoon) collapsed by more than 94%, proving to crypto enthusiasts that he was really capable of being deceived during the bear market. On Monday, the exchange trader and a media perforation went on Twitter to express his regret about his investment in a memcoin of $ 40,000, which fell only to $ 2,370.94 after he did not withdraw a single token. “By the way, I’m still holding it,” said the tailor. "Diamond hands." I invested 40 thousand in @safemoon and did not withdraw a single one. It does not cost 2.3 thousand. And they sued me. - Dave Portle (@stoolPressidente) August 8, 2022 The tailor stated that it also filed a lawsuit from Safemoon, perhaps for the "defeat" of the project on his show, but did not clarify the details. In a separate tweet, the tailor shared a screenshot in which Safemoon sales manager expresses dissatisfaction with the Barstool Sports frontman for giving the company a "bad look and unfair performance". The tailor "mentioned his losses in Safemoon on the air, but did not mention that he had not yet raised his stake in V2," the manager said. And let's not forget that @safemoon himself complained that I defeated them. - Dave Portle (@stoolPressidente) August 8, 2022 The tailor is not alien to cryptocurrencies: he bought bitcoin (BTC) in August 2020, but a week later he sold it due to volatility. He later expressed regret about his uncertainty and made several more rates for cryptocurrencies, including Safemoon. Similar: founder Dogecoin opposes "coins As for the price, according to CoinmarketCap, Safemoon fell by more than 99% from a historical maximum of $ 0.00001399 in April 2021. The profitability of investment throughout the life of the coins is negative 86%. In May 2021, Hashex, specializing in blockchain safety, conducted the audit of Safemoon. At that time, the company revealed 12 vulnerabilities of the smart contract, including the "temporary refusal of ownership", which made it especially subject to tug of the carpet.