The well -known North Korean hacker group is called the Harmony suspect in an attack worth $ 100 million

New report suggests that the saddled hacker group associated with North Korea can be behind the Harmony attack last week.

Lazarus Group, the famous North Korean hacker syndicate, was called the main suspect in a recent attack, as a result of which $ 100 million was stolen from Harmony. According to the new report, published on Thursday, Elliptic, specializing in blockchain analysis, a method of hacking the Horizon bridge Harmony protocol and subsequent laundering of the abducted digital assets is amazing with other attacks by Lazarus Group. "There is serious reason to believe that the North Korean Lazarus Group can be responsible for this theft, based on the nature of the hacking and subsequent laundering of the stolen means." In addition, Elliptic described how exactly the robbery was committed, noting that Lazarus Group used the accounting data of Harmony employees in the Asia-Pacific region to hack the protocol security system. Having gained control over the protocol, the hackers launched automated laundering programs that moved the stolen assets late at night. Elliptic also noted that the hackers have already transferred more than 40% of $ 100 million to Tornado Mixer, the “mixing service” based on Ethereum, which hides transactions and extremely complicates the tracking for investigators. Initially, the Harmony team offered a reward of $ 1 million as an incentive for hackers to return funds. However, on June 29, Harmony increased the amount of reward to $ 10 million and stated that the full return of funds would put an end to the investigation, and further criminal charges would not be made. The hacking of the Ronin bridge worth 600 million dollars that occurred in April was also associated with The Lazarus Group. Due to the current market conditions, the cost of the stolen broadcast (ETH) fell by more than 60% to $ 230 million. The recent report to indicates that North Korea involved 7,000 regular hackers for the collection of funds through cyber attacks, extortion and hacking of cryptopropolis. North Korea is a world leader in the number of crimes associated with cryptocurrencies with more than 15 documented cases of cybercrama worth about $ 1.59 billion stolen funds. The Harmony's Horizon bridge is the last supplement to the growing list of tokens-bridges that have been attacked, including Meter, Wormhole and Ronin, as a result of which the total amount of thefts associated with the bridge tokens, only in 2022 amounted to slightly more than $ 1 billion. The largest token-bridge, which was hacking, was Poly Network in 2021, which lost $ 610 million, almost all of which have been returned since then.