Violation of Opensea data led to a massive leak of email addresses

NFT market noted that he announced the incident to law enforcement agencies and that an investigation is currently being conducted.

Opensea, the world's largest trading platform for the sale of non -granous tokens (NFT), released a warning for customers after it turned out that the employee, the platform for managing and email, handed over the list of electronic addresses of the Opensea customers to an outside. The leak affected all the users who provided their email to the trading platform, whether it be a platform or its information ballot. After hacking, Opensea warned customers about the possible attempts of Fishing. On Thursday, the NFT trading platform announced that it contacted law enforcement agencies regarding hacking and that an investigation was being conducted. An employee of our email supplier,, used his service access to download and exchange email addresses with an unauthorized external side. Email addresses provided by Opensea by users or subscribers of information ballots.https: // were affected. - Opensea (@opensea) June 30, 2022 The last data leak is far from the first serious attack on Opensea and its users this year. In May, the Discord server of the popular NFT trading platform was hacked, which led to the flow of phishing attacks. As a result, numerous user wallets were hacked. In January, the platform was subjected to one of the most serious attacks, as a result of which the exploit allowed attackers to sell NFT without permission. The trading platform has compensated for losses of $ 1.8 million. My information was hacked thanks to Opensea and Customer Io Lord Jesus, help me. I was wondering why recently I had so many spammer messages, phone calls and emails. - Metzilmazatl (Lunar Deer) ️ (@TheAScentant3) June 30, 2022 In March, HubSpot, comparable to, was hacked, as a result of which the names of users, phone numbers and customer, Swan Bitcoin, Nydig and Circle, became known. The names, phone numbers and email addresses of these platforms were handed over to the unknown side. Similar: Opensea Discord server, users warned of the need to be vigilant in relation to phishing scams Opensea warned that hackers could try to contact the Opensea customers by e -mail with domains similar to or Twitter users reported an increase in the number of spam in emails, phone calls and text messages.